Popular Ivory Coast Singer DJ Arafat Don Die


Popular Ivory Coast Singer DJ Arafat Don Die

E dey come as shock wen we hear say Ivory Coast singer DJ Arafat don die and de news of him death dey reach us today Monday August 12 2019

According to Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne RTI, de 33 years old Ange Dider Houon wey dey popular with him stage name DJ Arafat use him motorcycle hit one car Sunday night and him die for one Abidjan hospital where them rush am go later today Monday.

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Him dey popular for African countries where dem dey speak French and countries wey dey around am. Him record de total of 11 albums for him career and most of dem na “coupe-decale”.

De singer die for hospital from de injury wey him get for skull after de accident and na de kain injury wey oyibo dey call “fractured skull”.

Popular Ivory Coast Singer DJ Arafat Don Die

De state radio and television station tweet about him death on Monday morning around 8am and de DJ management team confam de story give CNN.

Ivory Coast President Ouattara reach out to de family via Facebook as him say;

“It is with great sadness that I learned the premature passing of houon angel Didier “DJ Arafat”, Icon of the youth and ambassador of ivorian music and culture. I extend my sincere condolences to her mother, her children, her biological and artistic families as well as to all her fans. My prayers accompany them during this painful test”.

Ivory Coast Defence Minister Hamed Babayoko say Arafat death really shock am as him take Arafat as him son.

Even celebrities take turn tok how e pain dem and one pesin wey really show him pain na Ivory Coast former footballer Didier Drogba.

Popular Ivory Coast Singer DJ Arafat Don Die
Fans wey dey cry out de Abidjan hospital where DJ Arafat die

Kotinu to read make you sabi some things about de late singer.

Ange Didier Houon wey dey popular as DJ Arafat or Arafat Muana na DJ and singer wey dey produce mostly Coupe-Decale music and dem born am for Ivory Coast on January 26 1986.

According to one popular sound engineer, Arafat father na sound engineer and him mama na singer too so de music thing dey their family as AFP take report.

Arafat start him DJ career for Yopougon and as RFI Musique take report, na de son of Pierre Houon, musician and sound engineer and Tina Glamor.

De DJ papa die for 2012 and you fit check out more about him music career here. If you kotinu to read you go see de video of how DJ Arafat take die. May his soul rest in perfect peace.