Mourners for inside Iran dey pay their respects to military commander Qassem Soleiman

Today sunday (Jan 5) for inside do country of Iran, people full di streets of Ahvaz town to pay respect to di top general Qassem Soleiman

According to report na United States strike di general die some days wey pass.

Out of vexation, the people dey shout “make America go die trowaway” as dem dey march for the streets where the major-general dead body dey.

As the vex dey swell come, the people still carry the portraits of the general dey beat their chests & dey dance to their Shi’ite chants.

The people of Iran dey see this great general as their hero since the 1980-1988 Iran -Iraq war & because this same man lead the Iran Middle East Operations as chief of their Revolutionary Guards’Quds Force.

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