Major Blackout Hit New York


Major Blackout Hit New York

New York experiene another big blackout on de day wey dem dey celebrate de 42 years after de 1977 blackout

Major part of New York City dey for darkness as dem no get light after transformer blow as New York Daily News take report.

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As CBS New York take report, de area wey e affect na Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Upper West Side. Street lights no dey on and train stations dark and some pipo even standa inside elevators as one Twitter user report.

Major Blackout Hit New York

Local media report say de mata happen around 7pm (Midnight Nigerian time) and men use that chance do plenty bad things like robbery, suicide and rape.

Even Jennifer Lopez concert for Madison Square Garden no hold because of de situation and for some places citizens dey direct traffic based on say traffic light stop to dey work.

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