Looking good on Ankara for men

As we don sabi say looking good na beta business and na everybody dream to dey look good every now and then, I don bring our men dem some secrets wey be say dey fit apply to their everyday life to always dey look good.

Tips on how you go fit look good when you wear Ankara.

E no dey enough to just buy ankara, check for di latest styles and designs take sew am, e get some other things wey you suppose know and do so that anytime wey you step out in your ankara atire, people go dey admire you. Eyes go just dey for your direction and you sef go know say yes, you don arrive. I hope say e dey helful to you.

1. Wear ironed ankara wears.

Most times, after we don collect our clothes from tailor hand, we no dey bother to iron am again if we wan wear them as we dey always feel say di tailor don already iron am for us. But I wan tell una say anytime wey you want wear your ankara, abeg make you iron am well well. I dey like to see guys on well-ironed suit, agbada or ankara as e dey make dem look smart.

2. Add starch

No be say na everytime you go dey starch your cloth ooo but at least once in a while especially ankara, make you try starch am as e dey make cloth stong and firm.

3. Cut your hair/beards or carve di lines.

Even though you no wan barb your hair or shave your beards, may you try carve am so that the lines go dey show. Aside say e go make you look good, e go also add beauty to your dressing and your atire go make sense wella.

4. Your footwear matters.

Wetin you go wear for leg after you don dress finish dey very important. Whether na shoes or na sandals, make sure say dey look new or at least polish dem well.

5. Add a white handkerchief.

After you don finish dey dress, you fit just complement your dressing by holding white handkerchief for your hand or put am for your pocket.

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