Light Don Come Back For New York


Light Don Come Back For New York

After hours wen light off for Manhattan, New York, Con Edison electric company don confam say light don dey and pipo don start their normal activity

On Saturday around 7pm wey be midnight for Naija time, some part of New York suffer wetin oyibo dey call power outage.

Major Blackout Hit New York

De situation spoil many things for de 73,000 customers wey e affect as stores, train stations and event centers dey on standstill. E even make Jennifer Lopez cancel her show for Madison Square Garden as be say na wen de show dey go on de tin happen.

She enter Twitter apologize give her fans as she tok say dem gaz cancel de show based on wetin happen.

Madison Square Garden say JLo don shift de show go Monday by 8pm and pipo wey buy ticket on  Saturday go still fit use am enter.

After everything de Times Square area of New York don get light again.