Kwara Assembly Wan Reduce Technical Colleges For Kwara State To Just 3

Di Kwara House of Assembly on Tuesday dey tell CIA state government say make dem reduce di number of technical colleges for di state from six to three, so that dem go fit get more development.

Dis na part of di decisions of di House after dem get di report of dia committee for Education and Human Capital Development for meeting about how dem go fit take revive technical and vocational education.

Di chairman of dia committee, Mohammed Baba-Salihu, when him dey present di report, talk say di number of technical colleges wey di state go own fit increase later for future after dem don do serious check up for di three colleges wey dem get now.

Baba-Salihu (APC-Okuta-Yashikira) talk say di committee dey suggest say make government start work of strong repair of di Government Technical Colleges wey dey for Esie, Ilorin and Patigi to make di colleges dey more standard.

Di committee still suggest say make government make di colleges fees free and come still give di school full boarding materials, say this one go fit encourage more enrollment for di colleges.

Di speaker, Mr Sahilu Yakubu-Danladi, when him dey read di final decision of di House, talk say di repair of di technical schools go increase di technical skills of di students and reduce unemployment for di state.

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