Iran Missile Strike: 22 Rockets Don Hit Two US-Iraq Base For Revenge Attack


Iran Missile Strike: 22 Rockets Don Hit Two US-Iraq Base For Revenge Attack

Di Iraqi military talk don talk say 22 ballistic missiles land for two bases wey US and coalition forces for Iraq dey use and Iran come claim responsibility. Dis na because of di wahala wey burst as US kill Iran general Qassem Soleimani.

Di pentagon don confirm di attack on Wednesday early morning for on top di al-Asad and Erbil facilities and say dem still dey check di kind damage we don dey.

President Donald Trump say dem go release update about the hit later.

Iranian state television for dia own side dey talk say 80 American terrorist don die and US helicopters and military equipment don damage but dem no talk how dem take get dat information.

Iraq military media agency, di Security Cell talk say no Iraq citizen wound for di attack. Dem still talk say 17 missiles land for al-Asad base and 5 missiles land for Erbil city wey be di capital of di Iraq Kurdistan region.

Di missile wahala happen some hours after over ten thousand Iranian come out to mourn dia military commander Suleiman wey die some days wey pass. More than 50 people die for stampede for di mourning gathering.

Di British forces too dey tell Iran say dem dey concerned about dis kind thing and say make Iran no repeat dis can careless and dangerous attack again.

Di Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), wey general Suleiman been dey lead before na im dey responsible for di attack. IRGC still talk say dia serious revenge don start. Dem still warn US say make dem no retaliate if not Iran go still attack dem back again.

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