Invictus: Obinwanne Okeke Face 30 Years For Prison


Invictus: Obinwanne Okeke Face 30 Years For Prison

Invictus Group CEO Obinwanne Okeke wey dey popular as Invictus Obi dey face up to 30 years for prison

Obinwanne Okeke fit face up to 30 years in jail after him face two count charge of computer fraud and wire fraud and dis two charge fit give am 10 years and 20 years for jail.

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Di FBI arrest Obinwanne di same day wen him wan travel come Nigeria and na for Alexandria, Virginia dem arrest am on August 6.

Mr Okeke dey 401 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314, wey be di district headquarters of the U.S Marshall Service and dem keep am there just after FBI arrest am and one American judge give am chance for hearing.

Di charge claim say Mr Okeke dupe one UK company of $11 million through email fraud and e no tey after him arrest before FBI also arrest 80 other Naija pipo for $46 milion wire fraud.