Headwraps on Asoebi

Weekends na time for celebrations wey dey come in form of owambe like weddings, child dedication or even birthday party and pipu dey like attend dese celebrations with native/traditional wears or asoebi. I remember wen e no too dey common, na mostly our mothers dem dey wear am or wen dey force deir pikins make dem wear but nowadays, e don dey common and our young ladies don devise new methods and ways to dey slay different asoebi styles. One of dese ways, na with headwraps.

Gele and satin headwraps

Wearing headwraps for Africa just dey like where persin wear crown. Weda na to go owambe or just one casual outing, headwrap wey dem tie well dey bring admiration and nice comments from pipu around. Headwraps dey come in different types like Gele and Satin.

Gele dey always go well on asoebi. One thing wey I like about gele be say e dey bring out persin face and beauty. Many pipu dey like to add beads and/or stones to deir gele to make am more beautiful. But I understand say no be every body like gele because e no dey easy to tie and after di long hours wey you go spend for di ceremony, head and ears go dey pain you.

Satin headwrap na di best option becos e dey versatile, light and sleek. We don notice say many ladies dey rock di satin crown look well and dem dey look very beautiful with it. Na why we know say di trend go soon dey big.

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