Fresh Violence Hit JoburgCBD


Fresh Trouble Hit JoburgCBD

Another wahala start for JoburgCBD on Sunday for South Africa where South Africans dey spoil di property of pipo wey no be South Africa

Gbege start wen former IFP leader, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi dey address di pipo wey gather for di meeting wen dem dey hold and like 2 pipo die for di JoburgCBD crisis.

Mapisa-Nqakula wey be di South African Minister of Correctional Services say no be Mangosuthu Buthelezi suppose address di meeting but Police minister.

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And she say;

“Originally that meeting was meant to be addressed by the Police Minister. It was not meant to be a political gathering. I respect Mangosuthu Buthelezi but I’m not sure the timing was perfect for that kind of speech.”

She also say dem no fit deny am say South Africa na angry nation.

“The reality is that we have an angry nation. What’s happening can never be prevented by any government. This is well orchestrated by criminal elements. Nothing political whatsoever.”

Finally she tok say di pipo wey die for di JoburgCBD mata for no die if to say dem try avoid am.