Facts Wey You Need Know About Animals


Facts Wey You Need Know About AnimalsFacts Wey You Need Know About Animals

Today we continue with the facts wey you need know about animals and we dey bring una more facts.

Just dey read go make you sabi them.

  1. The average Fox dey weigh 14 pounds.
  2. The scientific name of the red Fox na Vulpes vulpes.
  3. Alligators fit live up to 100 years.
  4. Housefly dey hum for F key.
  5. For World War II, Americans try train bat make them fit dey drop bomb.
  6. The name for male rabbit na ‘bucks’ and female na ‘does’.
  7. Turkey na one of the most famous birds for North America.
  8. If Owls dey in group, we call them Parliament.
  9. One elephant tooth fit weigh up to 9 pounds.
  10. Small alcohol wey you pour on top scorpion fit make am mad, sting itself till e die.