David Koch, US Billionaire Don Die


David Koch, US Billionaire Don Die

American billionaire David Koch don die at de age of 79

De American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and chemical engineer die today 23rd August at de age of 79.

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As of June 2018, David Koch dey as de number 11 richest person in de world, with net worth of around $51 billion.

Na him be de executive vice president of Koch Industries until him step down last year because of health issues.

After him step down, him get di title as Director Emeritus and dat na title wey dem dey give anybody wey don serve as member of de board of directors of any company and him don complete him service but him still dey associate with di company as adviser even after him retire or step down.

Koch Industries na de largest landowner for Athabasca oil sands and di company dey as old as David Koch and e begin exist since February 8, 1940. Di headquarter dey Wichita,Kansas, U.S and their revenue as at 2018 na US$110 billion.

As at 2017, di total people wey dem employ na 120,000 and di pipo wey get much share for di company na David Koch and him elder brother Charles Koch with 42% each and other pipo share di remaining 16%.