Black Panther Don Break Another Record For US


Black Panther Don Break Another Record For US

Black Panther movie wey don dey trend since e drop don still break another record for USA

The movie wey Marvel Studios produce pass him fellow movie wey the same studio produce, wey be The Avengers as the highest superhero movie of all-time in the United States to kolobi the highest money as profit.

Black Panther Child Actor Receive $1000 A Day For Role

According to Hollywood Reporter, the movie make this achievement on Saturday as e pass The Avengers wey them release in 2012 as e bag $623.4million for box office.

Chai, no wonder the producers get mind dey pay small boy wey never reach 10 years $1000 everyday to act. Them don see am say the movie go pay wella and na why them invest much.

Black Panther na also one of seven movies to ever pass the $600million mark for box office.

On global scale, the movie don make close to 1.2billion dollars and e fit pass Iron Man 3 ($1.214billion) by the end of today wey be Sunday March 25th.

Photo Credit: @blackpanther