Few Animal Facts You Need Know


Few Animal Facts You Need KnowAnimal Facts

Today we dey focus on animal facts for this section, here na some facts wey you suppose know about some animals.

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  1. Gorrillas dey catch cold like human being and them still dey suffer from some other human sickness.
  2. Ostrich dey run pass Horse and the male Ostrich dey roar like Lion.
  3. The Female Lion dey do 90% of the hunting.
  4. Snake na carnivores based on say them dey eat animals, most times small ones like insects, frogs, birds and other small animals.
  5. Bat na the only mammal wey dey fly.
  6. The leg bone of Bat dey so tiny and na why no Bat dey waka.
  7. Some male songbirds dey sing more than 2000 times a day.
  8. The only mammals wey dey undergo menopause na elephants, humpback whales and human females.
  9. Cows fit stand dey sleep, but na only when they lie down them fit dream.
  10. The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” use every single letter of the alphabet.