5 Sex Position Wey Go Give Any Woman Fast Orgasm


Amebo: 5 Sex Position Wey Go Give Any Woman Fast Orgasm

The animal behavior of man wey dey shuk him kporon enter woman body get some kind reward as de man go release and the woman go climax.

Wait! you know say sex na animal behaviour ba? Shey sex be like something wey civilized people dey do, especially fast doggy, the sight na something else but definitely na great pastime activity.

How To Have Sex

Without doubt, sex na something wey you go enjoy if you do am right under de law of God, de skin contact, the sounds, the emotional connection all good but e get times wey the sex go good but e no go end for climax. Wahala no dey but you also need to know say some sex position dey make am hard for the female partner to climax.

Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. na marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist wey get license and she say many men dey prefer sex positions where them go fit dey control penetration but most times these positions no dey totori the clitoris and since more than 80 percent of women dey depend on am during sex so them go fit climax, e dey make am hard.

No para because Ameboupdate don bring tips on how you fit achieve your sex goals and enjoy the exercise with these tips wey Jamie Hergenrader for Women Health don put together.

1. Missionary position

Dis one na de easiest, and also na intimate position, e still dey lack in some part. As you dey watch your man dey grind on top you with the eye contact dey super sexy. But your clitoris dey left out of the action, as Van Kirk talk am.

Sad enough this one mean say the chances dey really narrow. One simple solution na for the lady to lay on top the guy as him in turn stretch out him legs, as she dey ride, she fit dey rub her clitoris against him as them dey move. If you get vibrating penis ring, feel free to add am because all join.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Dis one be like de missionary, you dey catch fun but the clit dey miss out of the fun big time. One simple solution na for the lady to dey rub her clitoris with her hands or even better with a vibrator as Van Kirk take explain.

3. Standing sex

This one na serious work, forget how movies dey paint am, e no easy for real life. E dey hot if you dey watch am for movies but for real life bros go work. Your heights and angle of penetration no go just make de woman cum as Van Kirk take talk.

To get the best out of this position, support de lady leg up with furniture or something wey go reduce the height difference, also make sure say she open her legs wider, so the guy hand fit get into her legs to rub the clitoris. Nawa this one na work ooo.

4. Doggy

Even the great doggy position get him own wahala, and na the same with the rest, the chance for clitoris to sweet dey low. Like the others, e no get easy clitoral contact with this sex position, and some women don report say their partners dey go too deep with doggy and e dey pain.

The solution na to talk about am with ur partner, tell am if him don dey go too deep. Van Kirk say “This is a good position to stimulate your G-spot, your best bet is to make him use short, quick, consistent thrusts.”

You fit also use your hand to totori your clit or better still a vibrator.

5. Spooning

Na favorite for that kind morning wey you dey feel lazy, or you want some close-contact action, but e no dey give de best angle for your orgasm, as Van Kirk take point out. To make am better, as you dey spoon, raise her top leg up, you fit hold or rest am on your top leg. E go make am easier, also the dick go come in contact with the clitoris.

Take note say this article na according to Kat Van Kirk so feel free to try your own pattern.