Zodwa Wabantu Say New Pantless Dancer No Dey Bother Her


Zodwa Wabantu Say New Pantless Dancer No Dey Bother Her

Tshegofatso “Assquake” Bonvica don dey make people across Gauteng sweat with her pantless twerking for hotspots around the hood

As she follow TshisaLIVE, Zodwa say at first she dey cool with A$$Quake as she dey do her thing but after the dancer claim say she better pass her, she no dey reason her matter again.


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According to the new pantless dancer Assquake, she say time don reach for Zodwa to retire from the game make younger ones show up.

In her words, she say;

“I am the new Zodwa. We need new blood to come into the game and bring new moves. I am not trying to come for her, I am just trying to dance. We both dance without panties but I don’t wear it because it is uncomfortable to wear panties while I am twerking. The thing is the media was focused on her and not me. Now is my time to shine.”

A$$Quake quit her job years ago to go into dancing full-time plus get more fans. She dey charge R20,000 per appearance.

As Zodwa still address the matter, she say;

“People must do their thing to get money but they must not use my name or think they are better than me. I hate that she thinks she must replace me. That is her mistake. I am Zodwa. No one can replace me. She thinks she is better than me? She is lost and must go bother someone else. She can go ‘be better’, but we know the truth.”

Zodwa say no be Assquake be the first dancer wey go come up like that, based on say pesin like Skolopad don try that kain thing before but she no succeed.