Zodwa Wabantu Reveal How She Dey Handle Hatred From People


 Zodwa Wabantu Reveal How She Handle Hatred From People

No be everybody dey happy with the kain career wey Zodwa Wabantu choose and no be secret say she no really care

Zodwa Wabantu recently open up about the talk-talk wey don full everywhere plus the hate wey she dey get from people because of the way she take dey make her money.

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The entertainer say people dey always ask her how she dey handle the hate, she reply them say she go just smile and agree.

As she take talk am, she say;


“No darling, what I do is just agree. I just agree with everything that people decide to say about me.”

She say people don call am donkey and ashana, but she no mind.

Watch her explanation below;

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