Woman Burn Her 9-Year-Old Son Chest With Iron Say Him Dey Forgetful – Punch Newspapers


One woman enter custody after she dey accused say she burn her 9-year-old son sake of say him too dey forget something, and na as CBS Miami take report.


The report say, Pembroke Pines police and Broward Sheriff’s investigators on Monday check out a tip from a child abuse hotline. When them dey talk with the 32-year-old Tamecha Jean, them learn say she begin vex when her son come house from school without some paperwork, so she burn am for chest with hot iron.

Them arrest Jean come charge go court for child abuse. For her first appearance, the attorney wey the court appoint give am tell the judge say she be long-time resident wey get job but ask the judge for low bond wey mean say make the bail charge no high.


Prosecutors suggest say make the judge impose significantly higher bond.

“Even with ties to the community, job, and her ability to post bond, I’m sorry, the violence alleged, in this case, is just so aggravating that it completely outweighs any mitigating factors, your honor. I’m going to be requesting a $20,000 bond,” and na as one prosecutor Eric Linder take talk.

Judge Christopher Pole take everything into consideration come decide say Jean go get bail on her own recognizance.