Why Nnamdi Kanu Fit Dey Re-arrested Soon

Nnamdi Kanu (center)
Justice Binta Nyako grant Nnamdi Kanu bail based on health grounds on Tuesday, April 25 and as this bring celebration, e get possibilities say him fit enter detention soon. This na because e get 11 conditions wey be part of the bail deal and if him fail any of them, him go dey rearrested. The conditions na:
1. Mr. Kanu must no go hold rallies
2. Him must not grant interviews
3. Him no go dey for crowd of more than 10 people
4. He must provide three sureties for the sum of N100 million each.
5. One of the sureties must be one senior highly placed person of Igbo extraction like senator
6. The second surety must be a highly respected Jewish leader since Mr. Kanu say him religion na Judaism
7. The third surety must be a highly respected person wey get landed property and dey reside for Abuja
8. The IPOB leader must deposit him Nigerian passport
9. Him must also deposit him British passport with the court
10. Hm must provide the court with reports on the progress of him health and treatment on monthly basis.
11. The order for him to deposit him Nigerian and British passports also mean say him no fit travel out of the country.
Of all the conditions, the third one wey say him must not dey for crowd of more than 10 people fit be the most difficult to achieve as Victoria Jumbo point out.
She write say: Taking another look at Nnamdi Kanu bail conditions: Nnamdi no fit do the following:
1- More than 10 persons no fit receive am for him village.
2- Him no fit accept more than 10 visitors/sympathizers for him house.
3- Him no fit queue for bank, airport etc., because more than 10 persons go dey stand for him front and back.
4- Him no fit attend any function, including church service. No thanksgiving service for him release.
5- Him no fit enter commercial flight or bus wey get more than 10 persons.
6- Him no fit eat with more than 10 persons. Him gaz restructure him dining table.
7- Presently him get over 18 persons (Stewards, Security, Wife, Siblings and relatives) wey dey live with him. And they must not see him at the same time.
8- The doctor go probably visit am for him house for treatment. To avoid finding himself for the midst of 10 patients.