Why I Touch Ebony Private Part – Mortuary Attendant


Why I Touch Ebony Private Part - Mortuary Attendant

The Mortuary attendant wey them accuse say him take sexual advantage of the dead body of late Ghanaian beautiful singer, Ebony Reigns don talk him story.

The Mortuary attendant say na Police order am make him record the remains of Ebony and Franky for evidence.

Ghanaian Singer Ebony Reigns Don Die, Read Facts About Her

DAILY POST been report before say the father of the late singer don para wella after one video wey show where the mortuary attendant dey touch him daughter private part show up.

As him follow Nhyira FM for Ghana talk, the attendant explain say, na pathologists wey dey work on the body tell am make him check if the two bodies don ready for autopsy.

Him also say him video the whole thing make e serve as evidence.

But Police still make am clear say them dey find the mortuary attendant for criminal act.

Chief Superintendent Yankson tell Ghanaian media say him get instruction make him put eye for the matter and make him make sure say people wey dey involve collect their punishment.

As Yankson take talk, the attendant no suppose get the video for any reason. As him talk am in quote;

“The law particularly says that even if you have in your possession, distributing it, those circulating it, it is also an offence and they could be brought to book.”

AMEBOUPDATE been bring una the report say Ebony Reigns wey her parents born as Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, die for serious motor accident for Sunyani-Kumasi road on 8th February 2018 after the jeep wey them dey use travel jam one VIP passenger Bus.

Franky Kuri, Ebony Reigns and Lance Corporal Atsu Vondee burial na on 3rd, 17th and 23rd March 2018.