Whatsapp Wan Enable User ‘Unsend’ Chat Plus Share Current Location


Whatsapp Wan Enable User ‘Unsend’ Chat Plus Share Current Location

For some time now, according to reports, people don too dey complain give Whatsapp management about the missed call notification on top the mobile app when the phone no actually ring and also the voice wey always break if you dey make Whatsapp call wey be say na due poor internet connectivity.

Even though say Whatsapp never add these features as at today Oct 24 ’17 but we go still consider the upgrade wey fit come soon;

Whatsapp “Live Location” Feature

Few days ago, Whatsapp announce say users go soon fit to dey share their location with friends and family in real time. If you dey follow up on Tech, you go know say normally we don dey share locations before with help of Google Map, but with this one e go be say you go still dey chat the person up same time.

So as e be like this, carry am for mind say you no go fit dey lie give your friends again about where you dey since you go fit share am now easily.

Whatsapp’s “Unsend Chat Message” Feature

Whatsapp dey currently test the ‘unsend’ feature wey go help users delete messages wey you send by mistake or with vex. You go fit delete am from Whatsapp Chat Window with ‘unsend’ button.

According to WABetaInfo, we get report say them dey make progress as the ones wey them test go well.

‘Recall’ or ‘unsend’ message feature don dey many social apps like WeChat and Viber.

Also know say na within 5 minutes wey you send the message you go fit delete am if the receiver never read am.