Wetin Really Happen Between Stogie T And Black Twitter


Wetin Really Happen Between Stogie T And Black Twitter

Few days ago, Stogie T trend for Twitter after him share him experience with one wanna-be rapper wey him meet.

The up-and-coming rapper beg Stogie T say make him rap for the star with the hope say him go sign am or atleast encourage am but Stogie T wey him real name na Tumi Molekane tell the boy make him go find work do.

Stogie T Ft Nomonde Sky – Stogie Vs Black Twitter

Twitter users come blast am based on wetin him tell the young rapper and some even say them no go dey listen to him music again.

Stogie T try defend himself as him say if the aspiring rapper no pursue him dreams because him no wait to hear him rap, then the rap game no be him calling.


Him write say;

“It’s 9.18 a.m I was asked by a petrol attendant just 15 minutes ago to help his young brother out. I have never stopped anyone from telling their story, and if it takes my disinterest in your bars to stop you then this sh*t ain’t for you anyway.”