Watch The First Black Panther Premiere

Watch The First Black Panther PremiereWatch The First Black Panther Premiere As The World Wait For The Release Of Movie

Black Panther premiere on Monday and fans don talk say them really dey happy with the premiere and some say them no fit wait for the release of the movie.

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Black Panther na Marvel first black superhero movie wey feature their first-ever black superhero T’Challa and na Chadwick Boseman play the role.

Boseman play T’Challa wey be the prince of the African nation of Wakanda wey dey real only for inside the movie.
The action wey dey the film na after the story for “Captain America: Civil War.”
For “Black Panther,” T’Challa gaz return to him homeland to take the throne after him papa die.
Watch The First Black Panther Premiere
But as him reach him obodo him come see say things wey come board pass am. Him realise say him need to defeat and silent old enemies before him go fit climb the throne.
For am to fit make am, him also need to team up with strong forces as Wakanda and the world dey depend on am.
The movie go hit theaters on February 16th 2018.