Watch The Chilling Moment 9ft Python Snake Wrap The Body Around A Snake Catcher


One snake catcher enter trouble when the python wey him come remove from person house for South Africa Limpopo slowly wrap itself around him legs come start to wan kill am.

The video screenshot below show the man as him proudly hold the neck of the 9ft python, but him no come know say the snake don dey plan to kill am. 9ft-python

When him realize say him don dey lose balance na as the snake begin tight him body, the process wey e dey use kill prey, na that time him colleague come intervene.


According to another report, one Thai woman get heart break (as we all know say oyinbo no dey joke with their pet) when one 17ft python swallow her cat last week. She gaz employ animal experts to get the snake to cough her dead pet out.