Watch Highlights From The #OneLagosFiesta2017

Watch Highlights From The #OneLagosFiesta2017Watch The Highlights From The #OneLagosFiesta2017

As one of the big shows for Lagos dey end today, we dey bring una the highlights from the #OneLagosFiesta2017 wey been start from 24th Dec.

Artists from around Nigeria dey there to make the event fun for people wey attend and truly year in year out the event dey improve.

Muma Gee Kiss Fan On Stage For #OneLagosFiesta2017

Up-and-coming artists sef dey get the opportunity to perform for this event too and finally na for everyone to come catch fun for the celebration time.

The event don dey go on for sometime now and according to schedule, e dey end today .

Below na highlights from different artists performance;

Source: Hitzng