Two Cousins Take Turn Rape Teenage Girl As She Beg Them Make Them Stop | Pictures

Two Cousins Take Turn Rape Teenage GirlThe two cousins take turn rape teenage girl and court don give each of them nine years in prison.

Gary Fenton, 38, and Bryan George, 48, tie their victim to Fenton bedsit in Redcar, Teesside, before them force themselves on her even as she dey cry and beg.

This reports na according to Gazette Live.

Two Cousins Take Turn Rape Teenage Girl

The men rape the teenage girl for Fenton house in 2001.

Judge Peter Armstrong say in quote as him dey pass the sentence

“She saw the two of you whispering, obviously planning what was to happen.”

Prosecutor Shaun Dodd also say

“They took her under each arm, marched her into Fenton’s bedroom, isolated her and repeatedly raped her

The older men carried on having unprotected sex with her despite her saying “no”, “stop” and “please don’t” over and over again.”


Now an adult, the young woman say:

“I was just scared. I wanted to go home. I felt dirty. I felt sick.”