Top 10 Facts About Space

Top 10 Facts About SpaceCheckout These Top 10 Facts About Space

Take your time go through this top 10 facts about space wey go add to wetin you don already know.

  1. Mercury and Venus na the two planets for our solar sysytem wey no get moon.
  2. The hottest planet na Venus even though say people dey think say na Mercury because e dey closer to the sun, but why e be Venus na because say Venus get plenty gas for the atmosphere and that one dey cause Greenhouse Effect.
  3. The solar system dey about 4.6 billion years old and scientists dey expect say e go last another 5000 million years.
  4. The highest mountain ever na Olympus Mons wey dey Mars, the top dey 15 miles (25KM) high and that na 3 times wetin Mountain Everest be.
  5. The Sun dey over 300,000 times larger than the Earth.
  6. Foot prints and tire tracks wey astronauts leave for moon go dey there forever as no breeze dey there to blow am away.
  7. The Sun dey make full rotation once every 25-35 days.
  8. Venus na the only planet wey dey rotate backwards compare to other planets.
  9. Pluto small pass moon wey dey Earth.
  10. The Earth moon dey over 4.5 billion years old.