Things About Nokia 3310 You Need Know

Things About Nokia 3310 You Need KnowThese na facts about Nokia 3310 you need know
  1. Compared to today, my phone no fit last a day without full overnight charging. But the Nokia 3310 then go serve you 55-hours talk time wey be solid 2 days and 245-hours standby time.
  2. Average smartphone today dey take up to 20 seconds to boot from on reach when e dey ready for action, but the Nokia 3310 dey take exactly 8 seconds before you go fit open the messenger or even use the currency converter.
  3. When the first 3310 come out, e cost $166.
  4. The Nokia 3310 na strong phone compared to phones wey dey today wey be say if they fall from a short kitchen stool, e fit scatter. But no be for 3310 as e fit fall from storey building and go still dey sharp.
  5. For UK, The Sun Newspaper report about one man wey buy Nokia 3310 way back as 2000 and 17 years later, him still dey use am and e still dey sound.
  6. The Nokia 3310 don even save lives as reports tell story of one Afghanistan soldier wey collect bullet for chest but luckily him Nokia 3310 dey him breast pocket and na how the phone take stop the bullet.