Tech: You fit do international money transfers through Facebook now


Money transfer startup TransferWise don launch new chatbot wey don make am possible for Facebook users to transfer money abroad with Facebook Messenger.

You fit use the bot move money between the U.S., Canada, Australia and the European Union and e go also notify users via alert when their regularly used currencies don hit favorable rates.

Already more than 1 million customers dey transfer nearly $1 billion each month with London-based TransferWise ; a startup wey the value dey estimated as $1.1 billion.

Facebook first launch him chatbots for Messenger app for April 2016.

The bots dey allow users communicate with companies the same way them go dey follow their friends talk. Them fit provide everything from weather updates to personalized news updates and other services.
The bots dey respond like say na two friends dey chat, and brands don dey sharply use them replace their customer service agents.