Sjava No Know Say Na ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack Him Work On


Sjava No Know Say Na ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack Him Work On

Sjava na one of Mzansi favourite artists and him recent achievement on the Marvel superhero film Black Panther soundtrack don take him career to another new level.

Award-winning Afro-Pop artist Sjava recently sidon with radio host wey the world recognize Ebro on top Ebro Beat1 with Apple Music. The show dey reach more than 100 countries and na on top the show him discuss him latest achievements.


Black Panther’ Soundtrack

Sjava share with Ebro how him take follow on top the album wey Kendrick Lamar produce alongside some of the hottest artists for U.S.

In his own words, him say;

“We Got a call from TBE. They said they were willing to work with us – it was me and Saudi. What happened is we didn’t know it was for Black Panther at first. We thought Kendrick just want to work, ’cause like he’s always doing something”.

Sjava still explain how them take record the track.

“They contacted our label – which is Ambitiouz Entertainment  – then we sat down. We were shocked at first, ’cause me I didn’t really believe that it was real. I was like ‘why would this guy wanna work with us?”

Sjava feature on top the song wey the title na Seasons with Mozzy and US rapper Reason (sadly no be the Reason wey come from Mzansi).

Him come add say;

“From me, they asked for a verse and a hook. Then they sent me the instrumental, which already had the line “seasons change” – it already had that. It was like a minute long I think, it was like a loop.”

The award-winning artist say him shock when him see say the producers know the kind music him dey do.

Sjava say him hear the full track when the rest of the world hear am too – but him say happy with the final product.

Listen to the interview via the link below: