Short Guide On How To Deliver Your Baby Abroad (Cost & Visa Process)


Short Guide On How To Deliver Your Baby Abroad (Cost & Visa Process)No be new thing again say some women or some married people dey prefer make them comot from Naija or other country to go born their pikin abroad

People get different reasons why them want am like that, infact every woman go like am but some people dey feel say na only people wey hold better bar go fit run that kind package… Big Lie!

Knowledge is power, the truth be say anybody fit go abroad born and na why we bring una this short guide make you for know wetin dey involve, know how to plan yourself and how to make that your child American citizen or the citizen of any country you choose.

Before that make we list some of the reasons people dey like born abroad and if any of the reason sound familiar to you, then you dey read the right post.

The reasons fit be;

  • Medical abroad get better setup. Indeed, those Nigerians wey dey travel to the USA or Canada to born their children wan get the best conditions treatment them fit afford.
  • For outside country, babies and mothers dey get better care. Infact for USA, Canada, and many other country, the care wey newborn baby and the mama dey get dey more than wetin you go get for Nigeria. This na why many women, especially the ones wey get as their pregnancy be dey find that kind care.
  • The point be say baby wey them born for this countries don get automatic citizenship and the citizenship na one of the major goals pregnant women dey find.
  • If the child get citizenship, he or she will go get discounts when him wan enter college wey get special payment policy as per the citizens of the USA, Canada, or the UK.
  • Foreigners wey dey study or work abroad no dey get same treatment with citizens. This na why parents wey want make am easy for their children to work and live in the USA go like make them be citizens.

Short Guide On How To Deliver Your Baby Abroad (Cost & Visa Process)

How Much E Go Cost To Give Birth For USA

The first thing you need do na to prepare how you wan welcome your new baby and e go involve planning your trip and expenses.

See the estimate of wetin you fit spend to born your child for USA;

  • Natural delivery for birth center (not hospital) go cost you about $3,000
  • Natural delivery for hospital (without any complication) go cost you about $10,000
  • Natural delivery for hospital (with complication) go cost you about $13,000
  • Caesarean section for hospital (without complication) go cost you about $15,000
  • Caesarean section for hospital (with complication) go cost you about $23,000

This na the different amount you go spend to born one baby. In case you dey expect twins or triplets, you go ready to pay more. Sometimes, hospitals dey provide discount for those wey pay in advance or so. For this kind matter, you need budget enough for emergency or extra spending.

Short Guide On How To Deliver Your Baby Abroad (Cost & Visa Process)

E dey good say you know say price for the same service fit dey different in different states. For example for New York, regular natural delivery go cost you 10 to 13% more than other states. New Jersey na one of the most expensive places to give birth, with California.

At the same time, states like Texas, New Mexico or Maryland na the ones wey person fit easily afford if you wan use their local facilities. Also, you fit consider Utah, West Virginia, and Vermont.

The steps wey you need take na;
  • The very first step you go take na to get USA visa.

The visa go cost you about $160. You go need prove say you get enough funds to stay in the USA for some time or them no go grant you visa. You also need show say you get strong tie with your obodo.

  • The next step na to prepare accommodation for you and your baby. From before the time wey you go born reach after you don born. E go better if you get friends or relatives wey you fit stay with throughout the time.

If you wan rent apartment or house close to the hospital wey you wan born, budget about $2,000 per month. Do your homework well, find places and wetin e go cost.

  • Plan early trip to the USA. You need to meet the doctor, pass blood tests and complete examination (wey go cost you money too) plus other things. E dey very good if you go complete all this when you still dey the middle of pregnancy instead make you dey wait till the end of the term.

Now wey you don get idea of wetin e go cost you, plan yourself and save money.

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