See Wetin J Cole Haters Write For Him Childhood Home


See Wetin J Cole Haters Write For Him Childhood Home

We just confirm say J Cole haters vandalize the rapper childhood home. A group of haters spray a painted message for J Cole

J Cole dey active in the community for many years. Him still own the home but him rent am out to local kids – to use the house as a rap studio. And him make sure say the rental prices dey VERY affordable. The conscious rapper no just wan make money from the studio.

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But sometimes doing good dey bring out the HATERS. Here na pic of wetin the kids leave for the rapper.

Haters vandalize J Cole home

Haters vandalize J Cole home

The message say, “J. Cole . . . Do you even care about the ville”. The “ville” portion dey refer to J. Cole hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. This na the second time wey J Cole North Carolina home dey surface for news.

The home feature in J Cole music video “Neighbors.” The song set to footage of a SWAT team with rifles and handguns breaking down doors and streaming into the North Carolina home – wey dem use as a recording studio.