See The Young Girl Wey Dey Cry ‘Cotton’ Every Day | Photo


young girl cry cotton

Reports don dey go round say one 11-year-old from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh dey drop 35 to 40 small white pebbles wey be like cotton from her eyes, every day for over two weeks.
Manasi, a sixth-grader from the village of Pachkhura, begin produce the strange white “cotton tears” on August 25, and her father, as well as the locals believe say she dey possessed.
Villagers dey avoid the girl and her family ever since this strange thing begin.
According to Manasi father, Gendlal Kevat, she don dey shed between 35 and 40 “cotton tears” per day, for the past two weeks.
The local doctor wey come see her after him hear about am from other villagers, after him examine the white pebbles, say the best thing na for her to consult professional eye doctor.
Nayi Duniya, the Indian paper wey report Manasi case, consult several ophthalmologists about am. Dr Navneet Saxena, Dean and ophthalmologist of Medical College for Jabalpur, say e fit be reaction wey dey sometimes manifest itself as white discharge and thread wey dey come out of the eye, while Dr Pawan Setak say the condition fit be because of Vitamin D deficiency.
He add say children wey no dey chop wella sometimes dey discharge white substance from the corners of their eyes, wey look like cotton.
These explanations no really make much sense to me, but, then, me i no be doctor.
Manasi case dey remind me of other eye conditions wey i don hear about in the past, like the case of Saadiya Saleh, one Yemeni girl wey dey cry stone tears, and Laura Ponce, wey her eyes don dey produce solid white crystals for over 20 years.
Via Oddity Central