See The Different Touch My Blood Artwork So Far


See The Different Touch My Blood Artwork So Far

Na 10 days now since this announcement and rapper AKA fans don step up to the challenge in order to go head-to-head with him design team for the honor to design him third solo album cover

With the name #TouchMyBloodChallenge, the SA rapper put out the challenge on 20th of April via tweets and him follow am up with materials to download.

As per theΒ #TouchMyBloodChallenge brief, AKA explain say,

“I have always wanted my face on every album that I had made because I want people to look at my body of work, and see the progression of my career and music through how my appearance might change or age. The reference for this comes from Nas’ first few albums. So keep that in mind. If you look at the Altar Ego or Levels covers, you will get the idea. As you can see, I have left the background blank for you to fill with your imagination. You may alter the picture, make it black and white, shrink it, enlarge it, animate, whatever you want, but it must appear as the main image on the cover.”

See wetin fans don submit so far;