Sbahle Mpisane Reveal Her Favourite Sex Position


 Sbahle Mpisane Reveal Her Favourite Sex Position

Sbahle na everybody favourite fitness bunnie and she dey always show off her sexy hot body

The friendly star recently reveal wetin she dey do when she dey behind close door with her boyfriend with the Twitter fans.

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As she answer question wey one twitter user ask, Sbahle reveal say her favourite sex position na the Skydive position, and she describe am as the position wey go “make you believe that you are in love”

Sbahle still say she fit drop family friendly demonstration for those wey no still understand wetin e mean even after she share the pictures.


So as we dey wait for that Sbhale sex demo, we go give you small tip on wetin she mean.

The sex position na when the woman lie down on top her belle with her hands above her head and legs wide open, the man go then stretch him body and enter from behind.

Kai, amebo sweet o! Sha go try am.