Russell Wilson & Ciara Don Become Owners Of MLB (Major Baseball League)


Russell Wilson & Ciara Become Co-Owners Of MLB (Major Baseball League)

Russell Wilson and him wife Ciara just make a boss move as dey invest in a new sport team together

The pair just announce say dey don become part-owners in new efforts to bring a major league baseball team in Portland.

Russell Wilson Help Him Stepson Future Get A Modelling Job 

According to a press release by the #PortlandDiamondProject, Russ don confirm say him and Ciara don officially sign to be owners. For him statement him say: “We believe Portland is the next great Major League Baseball city, and that’s why Ciara and I are excited to announce we are a part of the Portland Diamond Project. It is time for MLB in Portland.”

Ciara also say: “Athletics has always been important to me. As a young girl growing up in Atlanta, I was a tomboy who ran track and worked the hot dog stand at Turner Field, I am excited about the opportunity to bring the comradery of the game to the city of Portland. I want to see this vision come to life and empower more women owners in major sports franchises.”
Congrats to the pair! We no fit wait to see wetin be their next plan