RRS Parade Two Pickpocket Suspects In Lagos | Photos


The two pickpocket suspects dey dress like office men

RRS Parade Two Pickpockets Suspects In Lagos

RRS share photos of some corporate pickpockets and thieves wey them colobi for different areas in Lagos state. According to statement wey them publish for their social media handles, one of the pickpockets, 18-year-old Seun Jimoh na boy wey dey learn work as mechanic but him drop the work for pickpocketing in Oshodi, based on say him feel say e dey more profitable.


Jimoh wey wear ash color native, come carry handbag like office man, as at the time wey them arrest am don already steal four mobile phones from people for that early morning rush in Oshodi. Him dey comot N18, 000 from the pocket of another victim as them dey struggle to get bus when him work cast. Jimoh no also know say two of him victims dey find am after them suspect say na him move their phones. As them stand for Oshodi under bridge, na him them come sight am dey comot the N18,000 from the pocket of another victim, Gbenga Odeniyi.

At this point, the victims, Onuh Austine and Onesimus Paul raise alarm, wey make Jimoh sharply drop the money, come take off but RRS operatives wey dey close to the place pursue am till them catch am. The operatives after them hear all the accusations ask for the victims phone numbers wey them come dial and e begin ring for Jimoh handbag.

Jimoh after them question am confirm say him thief the two phones as them dey fight for bus.

Him say in quote;

“On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I am always in Oshodi pickpocketing. I steal an average of eight phones on Mondays and maybe like nine phones on Fridays. I don’t really get more than five phones on Wednesdays’.

Another suspect wey them arrest na 22-year-old Joseph Adeoye wey dress in black suit and them arrest am for Ikeja for the commissioning of one shopping mall. Him don thief the mobile phone of person wey come shop and na there them see am come arrest am for the event. Him also confess give RRS say na the same method him dey use operate.

According to him in quote,

‘I live in Ibafo, from where I come to Lagos visiting choice gatherings to pickpocket’.

RRS Parade Two Pickpocket Suspects In Lagos | Photos

RRS Parade Two Pickpocket Suspects