Ricky Tyler: Deja Vu MP4


Ricky Tyler: Deja Vu MP4

Watch Ricky Tyler: Deja Vu MP4

E be like Ricky Tyler wan give him fans the official music video for ‘Deja Vu‘ earlier than them expect.

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Deja Vu na pop song wey get too many emotions and e dey help remember our loved ones wey don go too soon.

Ricky takes the listener through different past experiences with him paddies wey don die and how him take dey deal with the fact say them no dey again.


Ricky Tyler go surely be one of the most important R&B voices to come out of South Africa for this generation and the song deserve this video.

Him latest release Ecstasy wey feature Rowlene & Shellsy Baronet receive love from fans & him track Swerve Ft Tshego from Family Tree na another track wey get the same love.

Watch video below;

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