Rapper XXXTentacion Don Die (Details Inside)


Rapper XXXTentacion Don Die (Details Inside)

Update: The Broward Co. Sheriff Department confirm say hip hop rapper Xxxtentacion don die today (June 18, 2018)

As TMZ take report, the 20-year-old rapper go shopping for motorcycle in South Florida, and as him comot from the dealer place, one gunman run reach where him park come kill am”.

ALBUM: XXXTentacion – ‘?’

According to local police, some men wey dey inside Black SUV, block XXX, comot gun shoot the rapper till him die.

Dem rush am go one local hospital wey dey around but him no survive the incident.

Right now authorities believe say dem get info to the people wey kill am.

Since Xxxtentacion rise to fame in 2017 him don get him own share of wahala as be say the the kind pesin wen no sabi stay out of trouble.

Presently, him dey wait for trial becos of domestic violence against him pregnant girlfriend and him dey plenty felony charges and e get time wen him been dey house arrest but the judge give am freedom when him tour reach because him say if him no go on the tour, him go dey broke.

Xxxtentacion drop him first album 17 last August and the album reach No.1 on Billboard and after that him drop “?” as the second album.

Before him die e get one video wey him post via social media and e come be like say him don already know wetin go happen.

Watch the video for down;


Other celebrities don react to the news and one of them na Kanye West. See him tweet for down and watch the video wey follow am.