Police Brutality In Benin: Indigene Of The State Report


Like many residents for Benin City, three young men drive through the city on Saturday evening with no intention say them wan break the law or disturb the peace and on top am them no know say them go turn victims of the highest level of Police brutality and abuse against civilians.
However, as them dey drive back home on Saturday the 9th of September 2017, them turn from Airport Road enter Boundary Road and suddenly from nowhere, one private vehicle (Reg Number: BEN160TN) with four armed men block them.
Out of fear, the young men park the car as them begin think about their safety and also wetin their fates go be before the armed men.
As the young men stop the car, one of them come out of the vehicle come ask the armed men wetin them want before they come inform them say them be Police Officers.
The young men (victims) no believe as e no get any way to take identify the armed men, no uniforms or even a vehicle with Police markings. As a result, the first victim (Victim 1) wey come down ask the armed men how they fit prove say them be Police officers
As him make this request, the Police officer closest to the first victim tell am say him dey stupid for asking such a question.
As him respond, Victim 1 say him no dey stupid. The second armed police man ask the victim 1 why him dey abuse the police officer and before him know wetin dey happen, the first officer slap the victim as the second officer follow am up with punch.
In the midst of the wahala, the driver of the victims vehicle also chop him own beating.
The Third officer then approached the scene come dey beg him colleagues make them stop to dey beat the victims.
After creating scene for the roadside with several drivers and passers-by wey stop to see wetin dey was go on, the four armed men enter their private vehicle come move.
After the incident, them rush first victim go one private hospital for treatment and later to the Nigerian Police Force Hospital as the Police take request for proper documentation.
The Airport Road Police Station for Benin City don get report of the matter and an informal complaint at the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) also in Benin.
As at the time of this report, e don dey confirmed say the four armed men na Police officers from Airport Road Police Station for Benin.