Police Arrest Man With 9 Guns and 3 Knives Near White House


Man Arrested Near White House With 9 Guns, Knives In His Car

According to Police report, police arrest one man near the White House with nine guns and three knives inside him car on Sunday morning.


Law enforcement agents been stop the man before sake of say them accuse am say him piss for public before Secret Service Uniform Division officers approach the man outside one art gallery for the area of 17th street and Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House.

According to the incident report wey CNN obtain, the suspect tell Secret Service officers and agents say him dey go White House to speak with National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers and Defense Secretary James Mattis, in quote

“for advice on missing paychecks and how to get the chip out of my head”. 

The man dey drive 2009 Silver Nissan with Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police license plates. After law enforcement question am and him admit say him possess multiple weapons, him agree make them search him vehicle.
The search reveal nine guns, three knives, brass knuckles, suppressors, and different types of ammunition. The firearms include plenty handguns as well as AR- and AK-style rifles. Them carry the suspect go DC facility “for mental observation” come later transport am to DC police station, where them charge am with multiple weapons violations.