Pilot Turns Plane Around To Allow Elderly Couple Say Goodbye To Their Dying Grandson


The couple just enter plane when them get information about their grandson illness. They immediately inform the pilots wey no waste time change direction. The Etihad Airways plane reportedly set off for Australia via Abu Dhabi. According to Travel Weekly, the Etihad Airways plane just take off from Manchester Airport and e dey go Australia via Abu Dhabi when the couple receive the disturbing news about their grandson.
The couple according to report been receive call and text message but them no check am immediately based on say them dey rush to board the plane. They only see the message and call as them wan switch their phones off when the plane take off.
“They were taxiing on the runway when they got a message saying their grandson was in intensive care and they needed to get there,” this na as Becky Stephenson, the couple travel agent take narrate amcome add sayna their son-in-law send the messages. The couple, after them find out what wetin dey wrong with their grandson, inform the crew members, wey in turn follow the pilots talk.
Fortunately, the pilots no waste time help the elderly couple. They turned the plane around as the crew arrange for the couple luggage and taxi so them fit reach the hospital sharp sharp to see their grandson. Etihad Airways also offer the couple option say them fit still use their tickets another time and whenever them feel like doing so. The couple was reportedly able to see their grandson. Unfortunately, a day after the incidence their grandson die. Meanwhile, Etihad Airways continue to receive praise for this act.