Peter Of Psquare Grab Hollywood Movie Role


Peter Of Psquare Grab Hollywood Movie Role

Peter from the music group PSquare make this post via social media as him say him dey break enter Hollywood with new movie role

Ever since the twins begin run their separate music and tour along with endorsement, them don dey make wave as individuals.


Mr. P (PSquare) – For My Head

Mr P as people dey call Peter share the video where him dey rehearse with other actors for movie wey him say him go dey on top and trust me the moves wey dey for this video no be small one as him do kick-boxing and karate.

Remember say them begin get issues some years back before the mata reach where them no fit continue together and that na how them use begin do their personal business.

This go be the first Hollywood movie wey Peter go dey on top and na better thing say entertainment industry outside the country don dey recognize talent wey dey Naija as this news dey come after the first-ever black superhero movie Black Panther feature Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji na part of the people wey wey follow act the movie wey dey top Box office now.

Fans still dey hope say PSquare go come back together but with new moves wey them dey make everyday, i no sure say e go happen soon.

Watch the video below;

Congrats to Mr P for this Hollywood movie role.