Person Wey Get ‘MMM’ Sergei Mavrodi Don Die


Person Wey Get "MMM" Sergey Mavrodi Don Die

Sergey Mavrodi na the person wey get MMM and na Russian company wey run one of the world largest Ponzi scheme

According to one report by Moskovsky Komsomolets, the man die Moscow at the age of 62.


Them carry Mavrodi go city hospital from one bus stop sunday night March 25 after him feel weakness and pain for chest but the emergency team no fit save as him die early this morning wet be Monday.

Sergei Mavrodi start the company “MMM” for 1992.

E grow sharp sharp as e turn the largest financial pyramid for the history of Russia.

The money wey them dey pay members wey join na from the contributions of new members, and when new members no dey again, yawa don gaz and nobody go collect money again.

According to different estimates, the number of people wey lose money for MMM reach 10-15 million people.

For 1994, Mavrodi join the Russian parliament. Then him announce say him dey give up him benefits: salaries and cars. Mavrodi say him become deputy so person or law no go fit do am anything.

Two years later, before the presidential elections for 1996, them comot am.

For 2007, court sentence Mavrodi go 4.5 years in prison because say him dupe 10,000 investors out of 110 million rubles ($4.3 million).

Mavrodi claim say him no dey benefit from the donations and him no sabi live large lifestyle.

The true reason why them nak am that jail sentence come be because of tax fraud though him claim say MMM scheme no be business, but na friendly donation programme wey no law dey against.

We go remember say even when MMM come Africa for country like Nigeria and Ghana, plenty people benefit and more plenty people lose their money.

E bad so tey even Naija celebrity like MC Galaxy sef talk say him lose millions for the programme.