PatricKxxLee Announce Album Title & Release Date


PatricKxxLee Announce Album Title & Release Date

Earlier this month (July) PatricKxxLee announce say him wan receive help from rehabilitation center so him go face him problems and demons

The rapper recently reveal say him don comot from rehab and him mata don better as him don get himself and him sabi himself more.

Ice Prince Ft PatricKxxLee & Straffitti – Hit Me Up

Him come do one question and answer session with him fans on Instagram where him reveal plenty about him mental state and the plans for him coming project.

One of PatrickxxLee fans ask the rapper when him go drop him next project and the title. The rapper reveal say him plan to drop am sometime in September and the project title na Nowhere Child.

Small Facts About PatrickxxLee

Patrick first memories of music no be better one. When him dey grow up, once he hear loud music at home e mean say Patrick father don lock himself inside room with home audio system as him dey drink him sorrows away and e dey happen almost all the time. 

But things change when Patrick reach seven years old when him cousin begin look after him for a whole day. The guy prefer to hang out with him new girlfriend than baby-sitting, the 7-year old Patrick wey him go lock inside guest room with nothing but bed, shoes, boombox and rack of old CDs. 

When everywhere don too boring Patrick go brgin listen to music and when them go open the room twelve hours later him go don listen to G-Unit first five albums on repeat long enough to sabi all lyrics by heart.

By the time him reach nine, Patrick begin write him own songs but him dey suffer from ADHD and na disease wey dey make children dey over-active and him no fit do anything because of the Ritalin drug wey him dey take as the drug dey calm am down.

Na until him stop to use the drug at age 11 him come get courage to record his first song. A year later, at 12, his older cousin introduce am to Fruity Loops, and Patrick begin to spend any spare minute in the day on the family computer wey dey their living room to make beats. At 16, him don fall in love with Romanticism in Art class, and visuals play big role in Patrick music. 

Fast forward to March 2016 – after hundred tracks, four mixtapes and three groups, Patrick now 20 begin study graphic design even though say him no like am. Patrick later drop out of the Graphic Design degree a year before the finals and to concentrate on him music. 

Two weeks later, one SoundCloud message reach am. The Co-Founder of the Lagos Music Conference, wey later turn Patrick manager and label partner, send request for a show in Lagos. Ten days later him dey on him way to Nigeria and Patrick career begin boom. Him sign management deal too.

In 2016, Patrick relocate from Johannesburg to Lagos.