Parents Dey Kill 500 Children Every Year For U.S – New Study


One new study for the journal of Forensic Science International check three decades sum of filicide (the killing of son or daughter) cases wey dey between between 1976 and 2007, and them find out say e dey happen about 500 times a year for US.

The study also find out say almost 72% of those were their own parents kill na 6 years old or younger. And one-third of the victims na just babies under 1 year of age.
Also, more than 13% of the victims na adults, specifically people for ages wey dey from 18 to 40 years old. So the threat of filicide no even stop even when people get old enough to move out on their own.
However, only 10% of the victims na him their stepparents dey kill, and this one mean say 90% of the victims na the biological sons or daughters of the killer. And e dey more likely to kill sons (52%) than daughters (38%). Parents dey use wetin the study call “personal weapons” to beat, choke or drown victims for majority of cases wey involve underage kids. If the victims na adults, parents use guns in 72% of that kind killings.
The study also go on to analyse why these killings dey happen and Dr. Timothy Mariano, the study lead author, give this options: the parents most times dey mentally ill, or e go be say them no want the pikin.