Okaywasabi Go Direct Mtv #YouGotGot Season 4


 Okaywasabi Go Direct Mtv #YouGotGot Season 4

Comedian George Mnguni aka Okaywasabi don entertain South African youths for some years now

From him funny Dudla parody video to the viral introduction drama about how him and him lady, Sasha Langa take meet, Okaywasabi don show say him sabi the real ogbonge South Africa comedy.

Okay Wasabi – Speeding

So when him announce say him don get new appointment as the director for #YouGotGot season 4 e no come as surprise because him don make serious noise online and him dey make people happy.

The comedian announce the news for Twitter recently say;

He even share the screenshot of the e-mail wey make him appointment official.

And another thing be say na Okaywasabi be the highest person wey get him own meme on top social media last year.

Okaywasabi Go Direct Mtv #YouGotGot Season 4

Congrats Okaywasabi!