No Police Officer Get Right To Check Your Phone – Lagos Police PRO


No Police Officer Get Right To Check Your Phone - Lagos Police PRO

For long now Naija people don dey complain of the way police take dey harass them for stop and search

E no stop there as dem don even enter street dey worry boys and e don reach the level where be say police officer go take your phone begin check am like say him dey find fault wey him wan repair.


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Now, the Lagos State Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus don come out to talk about the matter and she say no police officer get the right to check anybody phone based on say many people get so much private and personal things for their phone and e mean say any police officer wey begin check your phone dey do the wrong thing as him dey put him nose for your personal life, except say e get very reasonable ground, no allow any officer begin check your phone.

But the truth be say as i watch the video of her speech finish, i just laugh because na her own she talk so and her boys go do their own abi shey she wan dey follow all of dem dey waka ni to know who check phone and who no check?

For this mata my advise be say if you get any info wey you no want make another person see whether na personal or busineess, my guy know as you go take hide am or comot am frm your phone…simple!