Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)


Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

Many celebrities dey always involve themselves with drug use and at the end of the day na only few of them dey overcome am.

Today we wan give una the list of Mzansi (South African) celebs wey been dey addicted to drugs but with the help of family and friends along with rehab centers, them overcome am

1. Trevor Gumbi

Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

The comedian always dey open about him journey to the addiction and leaving of drugs. No be secret say Trevor Gumbi don come a long way with plenty wahala because of him addiction. But wetin surprise people na when him say him dey fight again to quit alcohol. This week Trevor celebrate 60 out of him 100-day challenge of no alcohol and cigarettes.


2. Mobi Dixon

Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

32-year-old Mobi Ntuli story na one of true inspiration. Them sabi am by the stage name, Mobi Dixon, the DJ and house music producer kick him addiction in 2011. The man behind the smash hit, City Rains dey open about how him addiction almost cost am him music career. But due to rehab, the star don quit and him dey rock dancefloors across Mzansi.

3. Hugh Masekela

Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

Legendary Jazz musician, Bra Hugh Masekela rock South Africa around late 90s and early 2000s when him share details of him drug and alcohol addiction.

After him don be addict for many years, Bra Hugh tell the media around 2001 say him quit because him don realize say addiction don turn “respectable culture” for Mzansi.

The late icon win him battle with the addiction reach where him start one rehab programme where him dey help other performers to stop drug abuse.

4. Kabelo Mabalane

Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

Kabelo Mabalane na another celeb wey overcome him addiction. Him no only overcome, him manage to change his life around, find new passion in fitness plus inspire millions of South African to live more healthy and responsible life.

5. Riky Rick

Mzansi Celebrities Wey Overcome Addiction (Pictures)

The hip-hop industry get plenty rappers wey dey always dey high on something. So when one rapper overcome drug addiction, no be new thing.

Wetin w dey always forget when we praise these rappers for the dope albums and singles plus tours and lit performance after performance, be say, behind all of that e get person wey dey struggle.

For 2015, Riky Rick go on the Vuzu reality show, I Am, to talk about how him overcome him drug addiction.

Riky say e dey very hard for people in his position to speak about addiction but him do am so him go fit help inspire someone wey fit dey watch.

And na here we drop the post, help share with friends via social media because e fit help person wey still dey struggle.