Meet DJ Sliqe, The Slickest Hip-hop DJ For SA


Meet DJ Sliqe, The Slickest Hip-hop DJ For SA

Sliqe real name na Lutendo Kungoane and na DJ, music producer and radio personality from Venda wey grow up in the south of Johannesburg

Him get better education and na from school him establish himself as the DJ for him school social events.

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As student for the University of Johannesburg, him begin do DJ for the hottest clubs wey dey the area, clubs like Club Sway in Sandton and Stones for Melville among others. Sliqe find him style as him dey mix hip hop with Kwaito music – the kind music wen enter Johannesburg around the 90s.

Meet DJ Sliqe, The Slickest Hip-hop DJ For SA

According to wetin him talk for one interview;

‘I’m a low-key businessman… for me to elevate and take the Sliqe brand higher I knew that I had to go into music. The likes of DJ Khaled and DJ Drama in the States, as well as DJ Dimplez over here, were releasing music so I just thought that I could do it too.’

Him drop him first single in 2015 – Do Like I Do – where him feature rapper, Kwesta, as well as the late Flabba. The track turn instant hit as e get airplay on many South African radio stations and DJ put am for their mix. The single blow reach where Sliqe record the remix and him feature L-Tido, Riky Rick, Reason, Nadia Nakai and Flabba.

Each artist drop better bar on the beat to make the great remix wen change history as Sliqe become the first hip-hop DJ to get SAMA (South African Music Award) in the ‘Best Remix’ category. The award help the DJ career wen just dey grow that time.

After that Sliqe drop singles and him begin appear for South Africa major parties and nightclubs. Wetin we no come expect be say him go later drop full studio album. Alongside mega producers and industry mates like Tweezy, Psyfo and Wichi 1080 him drop him own project.

The album Injayam Volume 1 get 14-track and he feature over 18 artists. Each song dey different from the next and na because to make album as DJ dey different from artist way.

Him explain am as him say;

‘There is a huge difference between making an album as an artist and as a DJ because an artist can be in a certain space at a certain time. Whereas, as a DJ, I’m working with different artists so there’s different creative mindsets from everyone that you work with.

‘So as the curator, you have to be able to see beyond the horizon because you can’t be trapped in the same space that you were in in last night’s studio session on another day.’

The album get feature from artists like AKA, Shekinah, Tweezy, JR, Blaklez, Kwesta, DA Les, Yanga, and Reason.

Him still say;

‘From a DJ’s perspective, making an album is like the best thing because you just learn so much from different people. Besides from just listening to the people’s (artists) music, it’s also getting to chill with the people… because understand that the vibe is very important when you’re going into studio.’

After the release in October, 2016, the album don balance Sliqe as a star in African hip hop and him don get nomination for the Best Hip-Hop Album category for the Metro FM Music Awards.

Him confirm say the key to success na;

‘If you be yourself, and you stay true to yourself and you work hard, there’s nothing that can stop you. No philosophical blah blah; be yourself, work hard, and you will do it!’

Watch the video for the hit song “Do Like I Do”